3 Things Your Investment Provider Should be Offering You (Even if You Don’t Take Them)

3 Things Your Investment Provider Should be Offering You (Even if You Don’t Take Them)

Your investment capital is more than just a tool to generate returns. That capital is the physical manifestation of your hard work, determination, and fortitude.

If you have enough money saved to invest in real estate (and believe me, it’s not as much as you think it might have to be – I started with just $4,000 in my pocket), then that money is a direct result of your willpower and vision. After all, according to a recent interview with economist Teresa Ghilarducci, a national expert on retirement, more than half of Americans over 55 will be “poor or near-poor” by the time they reach retirement age, meaning they will find themselves compelled to live on less than $20,000 a year.

Dr. Ghilarducci said that Americans’ biggest difficulties with saving for retirement revolve around an inability to save and their tendency to cut “the budget” for retirement accounts before making other sacrifices. In some cases, being able to use retirement savings to deal with an emergency is a lifeline, but if you have accumulated enough investment capital to be thinking about investing in real estate it is absolutely a testament to your dedication, determination, creativity, and willpower. So, congratulations!

At Strategic Passive Investments, we respect your investment capital and believe there are certain things we owe you as a result of your accumulation and deployment of that capital. These things hold true even if you are not a Strategic client. Here are 3 things we provide every investor because, frankly, you deserve it:

  1. Education

Informed investors are profitable investors, so we provide our investors with lots and lots of information. Whether you need a market analysis or an educational breakdown for a specific investing strategy, you can access it all at StrategicPassiveInvestments.com You don’t have to invest with us or get a password, either. It’s there because you deserve it.

  1. Consultation

You are an individual, and we know you are far more than your account balance or your investment capital tally. Every individual, regardless of how much or little capital they bring to an investment opportunity, deserves the advantage of a custom consultation designed to maximize the returns they can expect on their investments. Every investor and every strategy should be customized before you invest so that you know you are making the best decision possible for your capital.

  1. Transparency

If you entrust your capital to an investment provider, you deserve access to all the information available about that capital. That means even if you want to engage in truly push-button investing (meaning we handle all the legal aspects, oversight, repairs, rents, redemption tracking, collections, evictions, and everything else up to and including hearings and closings if you require), you still should be able to find out what is going on with your investment property at any given time. PIP Group uses a customized software to provide our investors with full access to their investment information any time of day or night.

You Deserve the Best

As a real estate investor, you deserve the recognition and respect that anyone leveraging their own hard-earned capital to improve their life and that of their family deserves. Strategic strives to give every real estate investor the best experience possible in the industry, and for us, that means education, consultation, and full transparency at every stage in the process.