Top 5 Neighborhoods For Renters In Savannah

Top 5 Neighborhoods For Renters In Savannah

Top 5 Neighborhoods For Renters In Savannah

By: Charles Sells


The City of Savannah continues to expand, and its population continues to increase thanks to a diversified, growing economy with a strong jobs market. Both the existing population of Savannah, and newcomers just settling down, need somewhere to live. Savannah has a lot to offer renters. This includes a diverse range of neighborhoods and price points. Check out RentCafe for a comprehensive list of average rents in Savannah by neighborhood.

Some of our favorite picks include:

Downtown Historic District

Savannah’s Historic District has a lot to offer renters. It is a national historical landmark with plenty to see and do. In addition to the nation’s oldest public art museum, there is beautiful architecture and plenty of coffee shops and restaurants to spend time in. This district gives you excellent walkability and quality of life. Rents here are on the higher end but include a mix of modern apartments and beautiful period homes. The Downtown Historic District is the perfect neighborhood for those wanting to be in the center of it all.

Starland District

Located to the south of the Historic District, this small neighborhood packs a punch. By the 1990s, the area was in disrepair, and many houses were falling apart. However, the last 20 years have seen a dramatic revitalization, and this neighborhood has emerged as a trendy, vibrant address that is drawing in renters. Housing is still more affordable here, and the area is full of spectacular Victorian houses. The Starland District appeals to an eclectic mix of families, students, and professionals.

Skidaway Island,

Living on Skidaway Island gives renters easy access to the city and its amenities while providing residents with a peaceful residential haven. Not only are you near the water, but there are also miles of trails for walking, jogging, and biking. Perhaps this neighborhood is more attractive for families, but anyone who wants to be close to nature and enjoys outdoor activities will be drawn to it. The typical rental in this neighborhood is a single-family home, many of which rent for the same price as a downtown condo.

Isle of Hope

A short drive northeast of Skidaway Island is a small neighborhood called Isle of Hope. Similar to Skidaway Island, this is a residential neighborhood with beautiful houses but at a slightly lower price point. This neighborhood is attractive for families, but being closer to the city center, it is also attractive for the young professional crowd and retirees. In short, everyone is welcome! Isle of Hope is also considered to be a very walkable neighborhood with a laid-back riverfront vibe.

Ardsley Park / Chatham Crescent

This neighborhood close to downtown, which shortens your commute into the city, but it is still a peaceful, family-friendly neighborhood. It has the historic charm of downtown without being quite as expensive. In addition to houses with a mix of architectural styles, from neoclassical mansions to Craftsman bungalows, there are many apartment buildings for the easy, lock-up-and-go lifestyle of the young professional. 

Which Area To Pick?

This is a tough question. Beyond the five neighborhoods already mentioned, Savannah offers so many more. Savannah offers everything from residential, family-friendly neighborhoods to trendy downtown living for young professionals. It offers very urban neighborhoods as well as neighborhoods that are close to nature. Renters need to get out there and explore, and they will find a neighborhood that meets their needs.