About Us (Our Story)

The Story of The SPI Group


The SPI, was founded in 2004, began with just $4,000, one guy and four potential investors, willing to invest $20,000 in a little-known investment – Tax liens. Today, SPI is known as one of the largest agencies of its kind, with more than 700 investors worldwide. The SPI represents investors both large and small – with literally hundreds of thousands of transactions made for tens of millions of dollars every year.

SPI is not a fund; rather, it allows investors to retain 100% control and ownership of their investments. SPI provides push-button, turn-key servicing on behalf of investors who are interested in passively investing in tax liens, tax deeds, traditional foreclosures, fix/flips and long-term cash flow acquisitions.

SPI Group Achievements

  • 2017 Five Star Institute Emerging Leader
  • 2016 Master Investor of the Year – Think Realty Magazine
  • 2015 Master Investor of May – Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine
  • 2014 Most Innovative Product – Access Tax Lien Talk
  • 2014 Top 50 Real Estate Investment Opinion Makers & Market Leaders
  • 2013 Top 50 Real Estate Investment Opinion Makers & Market Leaders

Our Customers

I haven’t had any investments that have disappointed me. I’ve tried all their products, and I’m happy with them (SPI). While no investment can be guaranteed, no matter who the agency is, SPI is “leading-edge.”

Some returns will be in the low 20 (percent); some will be in the low 30 (percent) over the period of an option year. It’s hard to get that anywhere else. I’ll absolutely continue investing with SPI. I’ve been satisfied with their performance.

- Leroy J.

You can almost double your money if it goes to the two- or three-year mark. They are very involved. They know which ones to pursue and which ones will go to a secondary market. … I think they do well, and they’re forward and honest.

- Ben S.

Our Performance

Foreclosure Performance

Tax Lien Performance

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