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The Path to Passive Investing Starts With PIP

Whatever your WHY is ... let PIP be the HOW.

Every investor has a predetermined "why" they want to invest, long before they become one of our clients, whether it be retirement, kids' college, new home or addition, traveling or something else entirely. But, what good is knowing your "why" without knowing "how"? At The PIP Group, we help every individual investor create a customizable approach to arriving at their WHY!

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This is arguably the most popular investment strategy that we offer. You fund them, we find, buy, fix and flip them. The entire process takes an average of 10 months. 100% of our investors make 16% or more!


This strategy is similar to the fix & flip; the only difference is the exit strategy. Our main goal is to create a rent-ready property every potential landlord will love! Once renovations are completed we introduce you to a vetted property management company to continue the passive investment.


Tax deed investing is buying the title to real estate that has been sold by the government for nonpayment of taxes. The owner of the tax deed (you) now has the rights to the debt. If the homeowner pays the back taxes, plus interest, it goes to the owner of the tax deed. Or if the property owner of the taxes does not get caught up in a certain time frame, then the investor can take possession of the property at a fraction of the market value.


We purchase our inventory in such volume that sometimes we have properties that are waiting to be renovated. This is a great opportunity for investors who want to cherry-pick, use private money lenders or already have contractors set in place and just need some new properties.


The PIP Group's Founder and CEO, Charles Sells, began his career in real estate investing in 1998. Fast forward 6 years and the PIP Group was born.  Charles started with just $4,000 and 4 individual investors willing to place $20,000 in a little known investment: tax liens.

Due to his passion, hard work ethic, and what has become one of our company's core competencies, transparency,  the business was able to scale into what we know it as today. We now have serviced over 1000 investors both large and small with well over hundreds of thousands of transactions made for well over tens of millions of dollars each year.

The PIP Group is not a funded or pooled investment. Each client retains 100% control and ownership of each of their properties. We act as a servicing agent on behalf of each of our clients. In addition, we are a performance-based company. This means we get paid on the back end and how much is determined by how well the investment does. Just like you, we want to make money, so we strive to make the most profitable decisions in regard to the investment every time.





Annualized Returns

Get started with The PIP Group and learn how to become a smarter investor and generate passive monthly income by investing in tax liens and distressed real estate properties.

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A more informed investor is a more profitable investor. The PIP Group provides free online webinars, recorded investment-specific broadcasts, educational materials for download and numerous other resources and media to access for your convenience.


Our investors are individuals and, as such, every individual has his or her own investment strategy and exit strategy. It is important that The PIP Group knows the objectives of each investor, long before each one invests. The PIP Group will consult with each individual to determine short- and long-term goals and how The PIP Group can implement its services to exceed those expectations.

Purchasing, Management, and Liquidity

This is truly push-button investing in real estate. Once we have engaged in a purchase/acquisition, we will handle all the legal aspects, oversight, repair, rent, redemption tracking, collections, evictions and any other process associated with your investments. This goes as far as attending hearings and closings on your behalf.


I am very satisfied with my experience with PIP Group and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of investing in tax liens. I had studied tax lien investing and when I found PIP Group and learned that they did all of the hard work: due diligence, attending the auctions, managing the holdings and foreclosures, the decision to use them was a total no-brainer.

The folks at PIP spent a good half-hour or more on the phone with me answering my questions and explaining their criteria for purchasing liens as well as all of the risks involved. Don't try to do it yourself when you can hire an expert to do it for you.

Tom RutkowskiInnovative Retirement Strategies

I have had only the most positive encounters with everyone at PIP, and that includes people in various roles within the organization. It's always difficult to know who to trust with investment decisions and strategies, and more so for someone like me who is already at retirement age and still trying to recover and rebuild from stock market losses (and consequently having an aversion to investing in the markets) that occurred years ago. I had never heard about tax liens until about 4 years ago when a PIP executive took the time to walk me through the process and answer every question patiently and thoroughly. I invested in liens for the next three years, and as the process unfolded I often had additional questions. The manner in which PIP employees handled every question or concern I had caused me to build up a tremendous amount of trust for the company in terms of the integrity with which it does business. That trust made it easy for me to leap into a different type of investment with PIP, a flip in Georgia. PIP encountered a few unexpected hiccups between the time they purchased the first home and when it was sold, but again those hiccups offered me the chance to experience once again the high level of integrity the company brings to each and every transaction with its clients. I ultimately saw a great return on my investment and am very excited now to have two more flips underway!

Susan M. BaileColorado