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Tax Deed Acquisitions in Georgia

  • You are rewarded deed upon successful bid but it can still be redeemed within 12 months following purchase.
  • If redeemed, the tax buyer surrenders the tax deed to the homeowner in exchange for all principal invested plus 20% penalty.
  • If not redeemed, a tax buyer can begin the foreclosure process.
  • Also referred to as a “hybrid deed.”

Pre-Deed Foreclosures

  • The “redemption investor” is encouraged to foreclose on a property in order for it to redeem during the foreclosure process.
  • The property either redeems or it does not redeem within the redemption period.
  • If it does not redeem, the investor has the opportunity to receive the title of the property and if they do not want the property we can sell the property to another investor for an amount a little higher than the taxes and foreclosure costs the initial investor put into it.

There is very limited inventory on this type of acquisition, therefore they get sold very quickly.

Secondary Market Foreclosures

  • An investor purchases a tax lien that has not redeemed and the investor is not interested in foreclosing.
  • The property is then added to the Secondary Market and the new investor has the opportunity to earn substantial interest if the lien is redeemed during the foreclosure process, or
  • Own the property for a fraction of its actual value.

Bank Foreclosures

  • The most common type of foreclosure acquisition.
  • The banks foreclose on the mortgages and then offer the properties at public auction to investors within the county.
  • Nearly all bank foreclosures are going to require some level of repair, may require eviction, and a deep level of knowledge and experience in order for an investor to be successful.
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