Hard Money

Hard Money

Leverage Hard Money to help fund more deals!


Traditional Bridge & Investor Rehab PricingText

General Terms

Minimum Credit Score

600 FICO

Background Check

Financial Crimes & Felony Convictions are not allowed. Other charges reviewed.


Guantor must have their own money for down payment, closing cost, reserves.

Loan Size

$0 to $1,000,000. Larger loans are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Property Type

1 - 4 Unit Residential Properties (prefer 1 acre or less & non rural)

Restricted States

AZ - CA - ID - MN - NV - ND - OR - SD - UT - VT

Title Vesting

Property must be purchased in an entity. LLC or INC.


Appraisal not required for Bridge or Investor Rehab

Foreign National

Foreign Nationals are allowed, and get terms at 650 FICO


Loan to Purchase Price

(Total Loan - Construction Reserve) / Purchase Price


Loan To Value

(Total Loan - Construction Reserve) / AS-IS Value


Loan to Cost

Total Loan / (Purchase Price+ Rehab Budget)


Loan to After Repair Value

Total Loan / After Repair Value