Tax Liens

Tax Liens


With over 25 years of collective experience, the principals of Strategic Passive Investments have effectively provided our clients with remarkable profits in tax liens, tax deeds, REOs and other forms of default real estate opportunity.


Things to Know About Investing in Tax Deeds:

  • May require judicial (court) involvement to obtain title
  • May obtain title directly from the auction
  • May need to quiet the title to clear other liens
  • May need to wait a certain period of time before taking possession (Hybrid States)

As its name suggests, a tax deed is what you get from the default judgement of unpaid property taxes. Tax deeds come in various “clarity,” depending on the state of your investment. By “clarity,” we mean there could be additional issues clouding the title. It could be something as simple as a lawn mowing lien for $50 or an IRS lien for $150,000.


The provided list of REOs available for purchase may not be representative of Strategic Passive Investments’ normal standards of practice, investment criteria, or even states of opportunity as an investment through Strategic Passive Investments.

The provided list is a hosted “platform” of available properties for sale through our website, by third party tax buyers and therefore, the information on contained therein is deemed accurate/reliable, but Strategic Passive Investments offers no such guarantee for same.

The provided platform changes daily. Please note some properties on the platform may no longer be available, but have not yet been removed by third party sellers from the platform.

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Pre-deed investments are beneficial both to redemption investors and property investors and can be very profitable. Pre-deeds come from investors who are not interested in keeping a property once the redemption period is nearly expired and the time for the foreclosure process. This type of investor is not interested in keeping the property for the tax lien that they purchase because that would not fit with their exit strategy. And as a tax lien investor, owning the property would not maximize their ability to leverage their buying power.

This is where a new investor could come in and take over the property or tax deed and continue with the foreclosure process and claim the title of the property. There are many steps and procedures involved in pre-deed investments, including an assessment of collateral, owner/occupant notification & terms negotiation, Secondary Market Listing & sale, and foreclosure, and it can be confusing. But our team handles all of these things for our clients so you have experts working for you.

Once the steps are done, the investment is now yours to own, cash flow or fix-and-flip.