Massachusetts -- Tax Deed Sale Information

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6 Months

State Laws

Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 60, "Collection of Local Taxes." Bidder raises the amount payable above the minimum (Sec. 43). The sale covers the smallest undivided part of the land which will bring said amount, or the whole for said amount. and shall at such sale require of the purchaser an immediate deposit of such sum as he considers necessary to insure good faith in payment of the purchase money, and, on failure of the purchaser to make such deposit forthwith, the sale shall be void and another sale may be made. (Chapter 60: Sec. 43)


  1. Barnstable County
  2. Berkshire County
  3. Bristol County
  4. Dukes County
  5. Essex County
  6. Franklin County
  7. Hampden County
  8. Hampshire County
  9. Middlesex County
  10. Nantucket County
  11. Norfolk County
  12. Plymouth County
  13. Suffolk County
  14. Worcester County