Here at Strategic Passive Investments, we believe in creating an investment atmosphere that is not only passive to our clientele worldwide, but also conservative and consistently profitable, earning our clients an average of 24% or greater on their investments. With over 25 years of experience we like to say we have this down to a science! 

Strategic Passive Investments focuses on investing in distressed properties this includes tax liens, tax deed purchases, fix-and-flips, Cash flow and much more.

Our most popular investment strategy, the Fix and Flip,  is not only one of our shortest investments, but it is also the most profitable by-far.  Due to the large volume of properties we complete, we are able to purchase materials in bulk which means we can get much cheaper deals, which equates to better returns for our clients. 

Power In Numbers!

We Don't Wait For a Strong Market We Create It!

One of the reasons we are so confident in our results is the fact that we are the largest buyers in our selected markets. Accumulating entire city blocks in some cases.

What this does is, allows us to inflate the market by listing several homes at the same time. In the case where the average home is going for $100k -- When we add 5 homes to the market all at once, and list them at $120k, we create a new market standard, ensuring our clients yield the maximum amount of profits possible.

Market Appreciation

12.7% Year over Year - For the Past 5 Years!

Another reason for our continued success is the fact that we carefully hand-select our markets with the future in mind! Hands down, the most profitable market we are in today is the Savannah, Ga. market. Year over year, for the past five years we have seen a steady 12.7% increase to the appreciation.

Becoming a Successful Investor is Just a Click Away!

25+ years of Experience

If there is one thing we know, it's distressed real estate. With over 25 years of experience we eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff!

When you partner with Strategic you go from a novice investor to a seasoned investor overnight. Instantly gaining our knowledge, experience, and network of connections.